about us

To implement eco-tourism through education, the arts, social consciousness, and taking communities on a journey, while uniting conservation, agriculture, environmental awareness, and sustainability. We are excited in getting our community "Back to the Basics" in understanding our environment, healthy eating, and knowing the power of green jobs.  

We want you to embrace, experience and get an exciting first-hand look at green building, alternative energy, transportation, agricultural, the taste of sustainable practicing restaurants, as they prepare organic foods from local farmers, gaining knowledge on supporting hand-crafted fair trade products, and local businesses by attending a variety of green workshops, expos, conferences, and events to enhance their "need to know" information from all over.

​​GOGREENTOURS  is a Green Tour, Travel, Transportation & Events Movement, launched in 2009, specializing in creative green and unique tourism.  We create total "Green" packages that will educate our youth and communities,  support local farmers, farm-to-table restaurants, the arts, promote green expos, conferences, events, local businesses and committed to eco-tourism, sustainability and economic development.

Arlesia Crooms has been in the hospitality/tourism industry since 1995 in Sales/Catering with the Marriott Marquis, owner of Sunn Tours by Lisa, as well as an Art Buyer and owner of two Fine Art Galleries.  Arlesia is a wealth of knowledge in tourism, hospitality, the arts, event planning, and small business management.  She has partnered with several cities to promote and market tourism as a Certified Tourism Specialist and Agent.

Whether touring with us in Augusta on a Green Walking Tour, Traveling as a Group to Cool City like Charlotte and Atlanta, on a Student Field Trip to Aiken or going to Savannah, Tybee, Jekyll Island or Myrtle Beach on an Eco-Tour, Our goal is to make  "Carbon Footprints Smaller and the Adventure Bigger!"