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​​​​​The Power of Travel

Did you know according to the U.S. Travel Association (USTA), Tourism is one of America's largest industries:

$758 billion in direct spending by domestic and international travelers.
$1.8 trillion in total direct, indirect and induced travel-related output.
$117 billion in tax revenue for local, state and federal governments generated by the travel and tourism industry.
Each U.S. household would pay $1,000 more in taxes without the tax revenue generated by the travel and tourism industry.
Direct spending by resident and international travelers in the U.S. averaged $2 billion a day, $86 million an hour, $1.4 million a minute and $24,000 a second.

Tourism is one of America's largest services exports:
$134.4* billion in travel exports and ...
$102.7** billion in travel imports create ...
$31.7 billion in balance of travel trade surplus for the United States.

Travel is the world's largest industry, accounting for nearly $7 Trillion annually.
Online travel is the fastest growing industry of all internet-based businesses, surpassing gaming and auctions.
Over 80% of all vacations booked are the result of a referral from a friend, family member or co-worker
Between 9-5, the most researched topics on the internet are "vacation and travel" related.
Baby Boomers are driving the market
Boomers are retiring 1 every 8 seconds (10,000 per day)
73% of All US Households are online (82% of which are U.S. Travelers)
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