Camp Information Coming Soon!  “Students Discovering Green, Environmentally & Economically” Summer Break Green Teen Travel Camp will include:

Introduction to Travel, Eco-Tourism, Healthy Living, Weekly Field Trips, Tennis Lessons at Newman Tennis Center, Farm-to-Fork Lunch, The Arts, College Enrichment, Introduction to Careers, Entrepreneurship & Social Awareness, Becoming a Progressive Green Teen, T-Shirt, jammed packed activities that will stimulate teens minds and offer opportunities to grow, and an unforgettable summer filled with fun, learning and making new friends!

​GOGREENTOURS Mission - To get our youth "Back to the Basics" and understanding sustainability, healthy eating, and the power of green jobs.  

We want students to embrace, experience and get an exciting first-hand look at green building, alternative energy, transportation,  agricultural, the taste of sustainable practicing restaurants, as they prepare organic foods from local farmers, gaining knowledge on supporting hand-crafted fair trade products, and local businesses by attending a variety of green workshops, expos, conferences, fashion shows, and events to enhance their "need to know" information from all over the world.

Do you have students? Need Something Fun, Educational and a Life Changing Experience while out of school for Summer Break 2016?   

Give your Student the “Gift” of becoming a part of GOGREENTOURS Green Teen Travel Camp