GOGREENTOURS, Green Teen Travel - I can S.E.E. 
 (Socially, Environmentally & Economically)
Teens get to travel, learn about green initiatives, outdoors, life skills, college and careers, finance, entrepreneurship, the arts, other communities, make friends, and enjoy some amazing educational FUN!

Summer Wave Travel Camp Open House

We are Advocates for Teens! And teaching the next generation of leaders is our most enjoyable. Have your teen become a part of "I can S.E.E." Teen Travel Camps. Where we are "Developing Youth through Travel" while implementing eco-tourism, education, the arts, social and life skills, and taking them on a journey, while uniting environmental awareness, and sustainability.

We want to get students "Back to the Basics" to embrace, project and action-based learning, experience, and get an exciting first-hand look at a green building, alternative energy, transportation, agriculture, the taste of sustainable practicing restaurants, as they prepare organic foods from local farmers, gaining knowledge on supporting hand-crafted fair trade products, and local businesses by attending a variety of green workshops, expos, conferences, and events to enhance their "need to know" information from all over the world.  So for 2021, Give a teen a "Gift of Travel". Please review the flyer below.