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GOGREENTOURS  is a Georgia-based Green Tour Company, designed to increase awareness in sustainability by creating a One-Stop-Shop total "Green" group tour package that will educate our youth, support local farmers, promote green expos, conferences, events, and local businesses, and commit to sustainable tourism.

GOGREENTOURS is dedicated to supporting the community's sustainable development, biodiversity conservation, and other environmental, socio-cultural, and economic improvements.  Educating our students and teaching the next generation of environmental leaders is our greatest enjoyment, as we take them on journeys to experience, seeing LEED-certified buildings, innovative green urban gardens, the taste of sustainable practicing restaurants as they prepare organic foods from local farmers, understanding fair trade products, visiting local wildlife and marine centers, enjoying nature, white water rafting, walking, biking trails while also even feeling the breeze from the beach.

GOGREENTOURS believes that as cities are increasingly at the heart of the world’s environmental challenges, they must be part of the solutions. Our vision is to tour the transformation of human settlements into Ecological Cities – vibrant, equitable, socially supportive, ecologically sustaining, and economically viable communities.

GOGREENTOURS tours will consist of cities that: 

Comprises of buildings that make the best use of sun, wind, and rainfall to supply the energy and water needs of occupants.  These should include multi-story buildings to maximize the land available for green space.

Contain industry and commerce that minimize the throughput of raw materials, involve the re-use and recycling of materials, and minimize the transportation of materials.

Produce much of their food and other goods within their borders or from nearby areas.

Promotes human rights, preserving their environment, and upholding civil society—all while creating a sustainable, community-based tourism industry. By visiting these cities, we can use our economic power to support best practices.

Comprise networks of high and medium-density urban settlements of limited size separated by green spaces, with most people living within walking, cycling, or public transport distance of their workplace.

Are threaded with natural habitat corridors, to foster biodiversity and to give residents access to nature for recreation.

Incorporate natural ecosystems into urban areas, to host local wildlife, and to enhance the experience of urban public spaces.

Use vegetation to control urban microclimates – to stabilize temperature and humidity.

Enhance the life of the community and relationships between people, by creating convivial social environments.

Supports an innovative culture which enables people to flourish and develop their creative potential, and use new technologies to improve liveability.

Have frequent public transport connecting local centers.


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